Vitafilm & Bonewrap

Vitafilm & Bonewrap

In partnership with Breathe Fresh Plastics, we offer a range of specialised wrapping films developed specifically for the New Zealand market.

From hand-wrapping through to the latest in auto-wrappers (such as the Digi AW4600 Smart, FX3600 and the Ishida WM4001), Vitafilm can provide the right film for every application. In addition high grade Bonewrap films are available as a Clear and easily applicable alternative to cloth Boneguard products where finished goods presentation is important.

Oppenheimer NZ has represented Pliant for over 25 years and is very involved with its product development and improvement. Its films are continuously improved to meet the most demanding criteria including new regulatory conditions for Food Contact. There is a close relationship with customers and machinery manufacturers to ensure the right film is available for trouble-free operation.

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