Clips & Machinery

Clips & Machinery

Oppenheimer works with Visy Clip products to cater to all aspects of packaging where Aluminium Clips are required for the closure and securing of Plastic Casings, Fibrous Casings, Netting and Retail Poultry Packaging.

A range of Pneumatic and Hand-operated Clippers are available, either in horizontal or vertical orientations depending on your application.

Clips including the Z95, 100, 200, 400, and 600 in T, TG and Z series specifications are stocked to meet your needs with variations in clip hardness, grooves (trapezoidal) and length available depending on your application and machinery specification.

We also stock a range of spare parts to keep your Rheem or equivalent clipper operating at it’s optimum.

For a closer look, download the relevant PDF files;

210708 Rheem Clipper Information

210112 Rheem Clip Product Information

Or please see the link to Visy;




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