Northern Gold Foods

Northern Gold Foods

Northern Gold Foods Ltd. is a Vancouver based manufacturer of a wide range of healthy and great tasting Breakfast and Snack products, along with custom developed private label products and industrial ingredients.

The industrial ingredient division of Northern Gold supply and are actively developing their range of IP Non GM Soy Crisp products with a varied protein percentages dependent on your nutritional needs of your bar or breakfast cereal product.

The Soy Crisp industry standard product lines of:

* 60% Plain Crisps
* 80% Plain Crisps
* 75% Cocoa Crisp

are being complimented by other nutritional bases for the emerging nutrient dense product sector.

Northern Gold manufacture a wide assortment of granola and ready to eat cereals marketed in the United States and Canada under the Northern Gold and Spencer’s brand and are committed to providing you consistent product quality that delivers both great taste and great value.

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