ONZ Flexibles

ONZ Flexibles

Together with a range of suppliers and through our sister company network, Oppenheimer have access to the leading edge of flexible packaging technologies to meet the demands of the food Industry in New Zealand.  These technologies include Retail, Process and Gas Flushing Pouches and Packaging with Barrier level options as required and including but not limited to the following conversion types;


Stand Up

Easy Open

Hang Sell

Vacuum Metalized and Foil Pouches

De-Metalized Films

Pourable Screw Top Pouches

In addition we have access to some of the industry’s leading form fill seal and thermoforming film technologies with water and air cooled options based on medium and high barrier levels in laminated and co-extruded formats.

Printing capacities include but are not limited the following options;

10 Colour Gravure Printing options

8 Colour Flexo Printing options

Reduced Minimum quantities

We also have the capacity to supply customised packaging incl. butter foils and greaseproof parchment papers for the dairy industry.




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