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At Oppenheimer NZ, we’re proud to have been trading in New Zealand since 1915. We are a privately owned company with a head office and main warehousing facility in Wellington and offices and warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch and are proud to have served the market leaders in the New Zealand Food Industry for 100 years

We import and distribute Quality products and Technologies to the food industry and represent leading companies such as:

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
A global leader in IP Non GM Soy Isolates, Soy Concentrates and Soy Flours, Wheat and Pea Proteins.

Breathe Fresh Plastics
Specialists in PVC stretch wrap and bone-wrap for commercial and food service applications.

Market leaders in the manufacture and supply of netting products.

Specialist carrageenans’ for meat, dairy, petfood and cosmetic products.

A leading supplier of edible collagen casing for smallgoods production.

Specialists in TSA film and centre seamed casing for processed meats and cheese.

Leading suppliers of premium European blends and seasonings for the processed meat industry.

Leaders in the manufacture and supply of odour and moisture absorbent pads for the food industry.

A range of turned edge MRT PET tray products for retail meat, bakery and food service industries.

Northern Gold Foods
The leading producer of extruded soy crisps for the nutritional bar market.

ONZ (Oppenheimer NZ) Blends
The brands behind the proprietary blends for the processed meat industry.

ONZ (Oppenheimer NZ) Flexibles
The brands behind the range of Flexible Packaging for the food and non-food industry.

A comprehensive range of barrier and non-barrier shrink films used in the fresh and processed meat, seafood and dairy applications.

Ultra V
World leaders in polyamide casings for processed meat, petfood and cheese applications.

Market leaders in the manufacturing of fibrous and cellulose casings for the processed meat and dairy industries.

Manufacturers of Rheem clips and clipping machinery.

At Oppenheimer NZ, we work very closely with our customers – leaders in the Fresh Red Meat, Processed and Manufactured Meat, Petfood, Bakery, Nutritional, Microbiological and Supermarket industries. Together with our Agencies and Partners, we have developed innovative products suitable for the New Zealand markets. With access to the food technology and research facilities through the companies listed above, we’re able to place ourselves and our customers at the leading edge of technology.

At Oppenheimer NZ we believe in enabling our customers to source the best products for their applications without compromising service or quality. We are committed to working with our customers to provide New Product Technology, Development, Innovation and Service of the highest standards.

230228 Oppenheimer Terms and Conditions

We have ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 45001:2018 Health & Safety Management certification and run an approved, independently audited Food Safety Programme based on the principles of HACCP. Please see the below links to PDF Files of these accreditation’s.

Oppenheimer NZ HO,QA-9001,CerVer8,23,5,2023

220803 Notice of Registration – National Programme HCC180214 457495

221017 Certificate of Audit

Oppenheimer NZ HO,H&S-45001,CerVer3,23,5,2023 (ID 131936)


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