In partnership with leading hydrocolloid producers from around the world, Oppenheimer NZ Ltd offers the New Zealand food industry a complete range of refined and semi refined carrageenan alongside alginate, fibre and associated products.

This comprehensive range of ingredients are produced by manufacturers in Europe and Asia using technology providing market leading functional food ingredients.  These manufacturers also continue to expand and increase capacity, product ranges and capabilities to meet ever changing industry requirement

Oppenheimer NZ Ltd have access to the following products:


A natural hydrocolloid with unique functionalities, extracted from selected species of red seaweed.  We have access to a range of application specific materials produced using the three main types of carrageenan being Kappa, Iota and Lambda, used in the food industry as gelling agents, thickeners and stabilizers in meat and non meat applications.

In addition we also have access to Alginate, a natural hydrocolloid product with unique functions including thickening, stabilizing/gelling, cold setting, heat and freeze/thaw stability in meat and non meat applications.  Natural Fibre ingredients with high water absorption, emulsification and heat stability properties for a wide variety of applications in both meat and bakery systems and Pectin being one of the most label friendly and versatile hydrocolloids with excellent gelling and texturizing capabilities used in fruit processing, confectionery, acidified dairy beverages and yoghurt applications.

We have access to technical information and products specific to many applications in areas including but not limited to the processed meat, bakery, dairy, petfood, brewery and cosmetics industries.

Please speak to your local Oppenheimer NZ Ltd Account Manager to discuss options further or contact us directly via our Contact Us link.





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