In partnership with a leading hydrocolloid producer Ceamsa, Oppenheimer offers the New Zealand food industry a complete range of alginate, refined and semi refined carrageenan, citrus fibre and pectin products.

Founded in 1967, Ceamsa is a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of high quality ingredient products to the global food industry with manufacturing plants located in Spain and the Phillipines.  Ceamsa employ technology that has been developed internally to provide market leading high performance functional food ingredients and Ceamsa also continue to expand their modern production facilities to increase capacity and their product portfolio to meet evolving industry requirements.

We have access to the following products through Ceamsa:

Alginate is a natural hydrocolloid product range that includes Rapid, Medium Rapid, and Slow Setting types with unique functionalities acting as a thickening, stablizing and gelling agents that can provide cold setting, heat and bake stability and freeze-thaw stability in meat and non meat applications.

Ceamgel is a natural hydrocolloid with unique functionalities, which is extracted from selected species of red seaweed.  Three main types of commercial carrageenan known as kappa, iota and lambda are widely used in the food industry as a gelling agent, a thickener or a stabilizer in meat and non meat applications.

Ceamfibre is a natural fibre ingredient purified from non allergen and gluten free citrus peel with high water absorption, excellent oil binding capacity and heat stability properties for a wide variety of applications in both meat and bakery systems.

Ceampectin extracted from citrus fruits is one of the most label friendly and versatile hydrocolloids in the food industry.  Due to excellent gelling and texturizing capabilities, combined with great flavour release, pectin is widely used in the fruit processing industry for confectionery applications, as well as being the preferred stabilizer in yoghurt drinks and acidified milk beverages.

The technical focus of Ceamsa is at your disposal and alongside the extensive range of existing products, we are ready to offer support with tailor-made solutions to fit your specific applications in areas including but not limited to the processed meat, bakery, dairy, petfood, brewery and cosmetics industries.

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