TVP and Textured Concentrates

TVP and Textured Concentrates

Textured soy proteins and crisps from ADM are versatile, economical proteins that help enhance your finished product quality across a multitude of applications. They feature a bland flavor profile and protein content ranging from 50 percent to 85 percent depending on your formulation needs.

Our consistently high-quality textured soy proteins and crisps provide an unrivaled plant-based protein portfolio and a pantry of food ingredients, unmatched technical ingenuity, and our vertical, sustainable supply chain—for standout performance and reliability you can count on.

Textured Soy Proteins

Due to their unique textural properties, our textured soy proteins are particularly well suited for protein fortification and texture enhancement. When hydrated, they feature a fibrous meat-like texture with outstanding moisture retention and provide excellent mouthfeel, making them perfect for meat and meat alternative applications. In their dry form, they provide unique textures that characterize many of the most popular bars and snacks in the world.

Targeted Functional Benefits with Textured Soy Proteins

Our textured soy proteins can be used in a wide variety of applications from ground meat and poultry to formed meat products and meat alternatives, with nutrition bars, cereal and snacks in between, and are specially developed to help you:

Impart unique textural properties

Help create meat-like texture with outstanding water retention and mouthfeel in meats and meat alternatives

Give snacks and nutritional bars their signature textures

Textured Crisps

ADM is known as an industry leader in high protein extrusion, producing crisps that are an excellent choice for protein fortification, all while delivering the nutrition, great texture, and clean flavor you need to succeed, available as standard crisps with 50 percent to 80 percent protein content.

Targeted Functional Benefits with Textured Soy Crisps

Our textured soy crisps can be used in a wide variety of applications from snack bars to ice cream toppings, with confectionery items, cereals & snacks, and baked goods in between, and are specially developed to help you:

Increase nutritional content with protein fortification

Provide great texture for consumer-pleasing products

Impart clean, appealing flavor

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of textured soy proteins and crisps with various options to meet your application requirements and fulfil consumer desires for alternative protein foods with great taste and texture.

Featured textured soy protein and crisp ingredients

Arcon® T

TVP® (textured vegetable protein)

TVC® (textured vegetable crumble)

Textura™ Crisps

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