Fibrous & Cellulose

In partnership with Viskase, Oppenheimer NZ provides fibrous and cellulose casings for a wide variety of sausage, luncheon and smoked meat applications. Viskase’s fibrous and cellulose casings provide exceptional diameter uniformity while offering outstanding toughness and strength. They include:

* Shirmatic fibrous casings: pre-moisturised, long-length shirred casings for automated filling equipment.
* E-Z smoke fibrous casings: pre-smoked casings that shorten processing time and eliminate the need for long cycles.
* MP fibrous casings: oxygen and moisture-proof casings, internally or externally coated with a plastic barrier to extend shelf-life and prevent moisture loss.
* Nojax cellulose casings: available as shirred sticks for producing items such as skinless pre-cooks and dry mini salamis. Varieties include E-Z peel casing, highly visible sentinel blue-tinted casing, striped and self-colouring casings.
* Large cellulose casings: a family of products for a broad range of cooked sausage and ham applications.
* Precision cellulose casings and R cellulose casings: products for extremely uniform diameter cooked and dry sausage.
* HS casings (high stretch) and Visrex casings (oval shaped products): products for specialty cooked and dry sausages of distinct shape and appearance.
* Zephyr casings: products for large diameter mortadella applications and bone-in hams.


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