Whether hygienic products, food packaging or filtration – McAirlaid’s is a sound partner in all things Absorption and as in all good partnerships, the wishes and performance requirements that you have are especially important.  McAirlaid’s translate your specific product needs, your vision and ideas into reality.

International customers rely on the know-how and service of McAirlaid’s and daily a wide range of nonwovens is delivered worldwide from our facilities in Germany and the USA.

McAirlaid’s specialise in absorbent materials for fluid control and offer a unique patented Airlaid nonwoven, produced without glues or binders: SuperCore®.

The aging process of beef is a main factor affecting the quality of the meat with the process of proteolysis due to the enzymatic activity during storage leading to significant meat tenderization. Currently, beef is typically aged in a vacuum pack and this so called „wet aging“ maintaining good hygiene, reducing losses through drying out and avoiding excessive trimming upon opening. However, the meat is always surrounded by free drip, resulting in the development of potentially more negative metallic and sour flavour intensities. At the same time, microbiological growth is supported by the liquid, curtailing shelf life and/or posing a food safety risk.

Our solution is the newly developed VAC-Guard layer obtaining a major advantage during beef aging with the bacteria, a major cause of unpleasant odour and taste, being minimised.

Natural smell and flavour: Not metallic and sour

Improved texture appearance

Improved packaging appearance: The meat no longer “swims” in its own juice

Handling: No juices leak out when the packaging is opened

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