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As consumers continue to seek positive nutrition sourced from plant based proteins that are cleaner and closer-to-nature, ADM’s new ProFam pea protein has better texture, great taste and colour, than those traditionally seen in the market so you can develop on-trend, allergen-free, plant based products.  ADM have over 75 years of alternative protein development and this expertise brings you a winning U.S. grown and produced solution for today’s new plant-forward innovations.

Taste is the #1 barrier when consumers consider plant-based foods & beverages and consumers are more conscious about what they eat and drink, wanting a great taste experience without sacrificing on nutrition so help them discover how ADM’s new ProFam pea protein can make their nutrient-dense, wholesome formulations shine with the cleanest flavour, highest functionality and best overall appearance in a wide range of food and beverage products.

ADM ProFam pea protein has a remarkably clean taste with less total aromatics, less green, beany, grassy, earthy off-notes and has less bitter and sulfuric notes along with neutral colour, very good solubility and gelling properties compared to major competitors which results in a positive impact in you final product.

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