Soy Flours

Soy Flours

Oppenheimer NZ in partnership with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), has the most complete range of soy proteins on the market today.  ADM produces consistently high quality Identity Preserved Non GM Protein products which include; * Soy Flours ADM’s line of minimally processed soy flour and grits allows food processors a choice of soy proteins to enhance the nutritional, protein, and textural qualities of finished products. Soy flour and grits from ADM feature minimum protein levels of 50 percent on a moisture-free basis, are available in a variety of granulations, and can be used in many different applications — from providing timely protein delivery in fermentation processes to playing a vital role in enhancing freshness and extending buy diflucan shelf life in commercial food applications. * Fermentation * Ground Meat Systems * Cookies and Crackers * Speciality Breads * Gluten Free Baking * Doughnuts and Sweet Goods Featured Soy Flours and Grits from ADM: * TVP® (Textured Vegetable Protein) * Toasted Flour, Toasted Grits, Bakers Flour, 7B Flour * Soylec® ADM and Oppenheimer’s technical support team is the best in the business. The partnership capabilities ensure excellent innovation, quality and value every time and a proven ability to help you formulate with the exact isolates you require and it has consistently improved product quality while maximising the customer’s profit margins in the New Zealand market.

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