Fujitoku is a manufacturer of multi-layer printed flexible packaging for the food industry and was the first in the world to employ water-based gravure printing technology and non-solvent laminating technology creating environmentally friendly packaging.

Fujitoku manufactures packaging for food products such as Miso (Soybean Paste), Pickles, Sweets, Cheese and Processed Meat Products and depending on the required processing and distribution process, a variety of materials can be chosen and combined.  We have the capacity to provide options such as easy-to-open packages, portable packages, and re-sealable packages and Fujitoku are the market leader for centre seamed Cook-in Barrier casing.

With the increasing demand for environmental protection and safety from harmful substances, Fujitoku was the first company in the world to initiate the change of printing technology from oil-based to water-based systems with high quality gravure printing capabilities up to 8 colours.  In compliance with the legal regulations governing VOC they have also established a non-solvent laminating technology.

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