Clarisoy Isolated Soy Proteins

Clarisoy Isolated Soy Proteins

Oppenheimer NZ in partnership with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), has the most complete range of soy proteins on the market today.  ADM produces consistently high quality Identity Preserved Non GM Protein products which include;

* Clarisoy Soy Protein Isolates

Consumers worldwide are seeking great-tasting beverages that deliver nutritional benefits for their increasingly active lifestyles.  At Archer Daniels Midland Company, the line of CLARISOY™ isolated soy proteins is designed to meet the global demand for nutritional beverages in a refreshing way.

ADM’s line of CLARISOY™ isolated soy proteins is the only of transparent soy proteins.  The line includes a range of products for both low and neutral pH applications allowing you to easily include up to 10 grams of Clarisoy per serving.  Developing great tasting nutritional beverages requires balance and precision.  Flavour, viscosity, shelf life, cost and nutritionals are variables that need to fuse together effectively to produce the perfect beverage.  CLARISOY™ and ADM’s expertise can help formulate the perfect unison.

Low pH Beverages

* CLARISOY™100 is specifically developed for use in transparent beverages with pH levels below 4.0.
* Clarisoy 150 isolated soy protein is for use in beverage systems with a pH of less than 4.0 where a cloud system is required.  CLARISOY™100 is 100% soluble in low pH applications.
* Extremely heat stable, CLARISOY™ requires no homogenization or stablizers in low pH beverages.
* Well suited for sports nutrition beverages, citrus-based drinks, fruit flavoured beverages, powdered beverage mixes, fruit juice blends and fortified waters.

Neutral pH Beverages

* Clarisoy 150, when neutralized to pH 7.0 or higher allows for greater use of soy protein.
* Well suited for neutral beverages like meal replacement and weight management products.
* Exceptionally clean flavour and smooth mouth-feel pairs perfectly with flavours like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

ADM and Oppenheimer’s technical support team is the best in the business.  The partnership capabilities ensure excellent innovation, quality and value every time and a proven ability to help you formulate with the exact isolates you require and it has consistently improved product quality while maximising the customer’s profit margins in the New Zealand market.

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